Part I

“You’re not being fair.” She said after him, angry tears threatening to fall. She was almost chasing him down the corridor, his strides so much longer than hers it made for a difficult task.

“What’s there to be fair about? Don’t preach to me about fair, Evans.”

“You’re just mad because you’re jealous-”

“If that’s honestly what you think, then I’m glad you’re happy with Amos.” He said; his tone as he spoke Diggory’s name, was toxic. He’d stopped walking, and was facing her now. His blood was boiling, but what was worse than the anger he was feeling in every inch of his body, was that he could have sworn he could actually feel his heart dropping into his stomach.

“Oh for gods sake,” She said, her voice was cold and hostile, “You’re so high and mighty all the time, you can’t even see how much of a hypocrite you’re being!”

“Explain to me how I’m a hypocrite, Evans.”

“You go around snogging every bint in the school on a bloody daily basis, and everyone thinks you’re a bloody hero for it. And now suddenly you’re ‘Mr Morals.’ Spare me your lecture.”

He laughed a dark, hollow laugh and began to walk away, “Forget it. You’re heartless, Lily Evans.”

“Don’t walk away again! You’re just being a coward, Potter.”

“I’m being a coward?” He said, snapping back around to face her. His expression was stone as he stared at her, even from the distance she could feel his hazel eyes burning into her own, “That’s rich coming from you, Red.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” She snapped, her arms folding across her chest. Her breathing was heavy, her stomach churned and she could feel her face burning, all common symptoms of an Evans/Potter row.

“It means, things got too real for you, didn’t they? You made such an awful decision, it was so embarrassing for you,” he spat bitterly, “That you ran away and you ignored me for weeks, and I thought, ‘Maybe she just needs some space, some time to think about it all’ so I left you alone, I gave you space. And the next thing I know you’re latched on to Amos fucking Diggory’s mouth like your life depended on it.” He spat, his chest heaved as his breath became increasingly uneven, her eyes were filled with hurt but he wasn’t done yet, 

You kissed me. And then you ran away and left me standing there like a miserable git. But that display in there? I mean; if you were trying to hurt me, to get back at me for being such a wanker to you all these years, you’ve done a great job. Congrats.” He said coldly, almost shaking with anger now, “Go back to your boyfriend.” He said, his shoulders hunching forward as he buried his hands in his pockets. He turned away from her again; his back to her as hot tears finally fell from her eyes and stained her cheeks.

“Wait-“ she choked out, wiping the tears from her cheeks roughly,

“No, Evans. I’m done waiting.”

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