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You are flawless tbh. I love your fics and drabbles and stuff, you really are such a good writer! Try not to worry about updating soon and all of that, your actual life is waay more important. Make sure you look after yourself first, before thinking about things like fanfictions. Keep being amazing!

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u havnt posted anything in so long!!!!! used to b my favorite blog but not if you dont post!!

oh no


i got two hours sleep last night because i spent the night doing research for a paper that is worth 40% of my grade. i went to bed when my flatmate got up to go to work this morning, then i got up and did a 9am - 7pm day of classes. so you’ll excuse me for having a life that needs a little more attention that my low quality fics. 

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reminder that authors do read your bookmark comments and tags on their fic because we are obsessive, greedy and insecure and need validation for our work

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  1. Sirius: *holding baby harry*
  2. Sirius: Aren't you a tiny little pup
  3. James: That's a baby, Padfoot
  4. Sirius: I know, that's what I said
  5. James: A human baby
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I started following you because I'm stuck on your jily tag and can't get off. <3

that’s super kind of you, thank you 

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will you ever update your story 'perfume' bc it's really good and i love it. :)

will i ever be able to manage my time appropriately bc that would be amazing

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Lily Evans going home after their fifth year and becoming upset and moving her magical things aside to make way for Muggle things and taking extra care to look like a Muggle and enjoying her Muggle things and not caring because she’s sick of the hatred towards Muggles.

Sirius Black going home after their fifth year and doing the same thing for reasons that aren’t entirely the same but aren’t entirely different either.

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average wizard eats 3 chocolates a year. factoid actualy just statistical error. average wizard 0 chocolates per year. Remus Lupin, who lives in cave & eats over 10,000 each day, is an outlier adn should not have been counted

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"A gang of chattering girls separated Snape from James and Sirius, and by planting himself in the midst of this group, Harry managed to keep Snape in sight while straining his ears to catch the voices of James and his friends."

Order of the Phoenix, chapter 28

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'so you like Harry Potter?'

no you don’t understand

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I kind of got curious to see the end of it ...

I will finish it someday! I promise you all that right now!

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karunyans said: The day they receive their N.E.W.T. results?

(I live for prompts like this one. I hope you like it xx)

She poured the hot water into the mugs, waiting for the water to pull the tea from the bags. She waited, like they’d been doing all morning. When Sirius appeared beside her suddenly, she couldn’t help but flinch. Merlin, she was more on edge than she realised,

“You can’t solve everything with tea, Evans.” Sirius said, watching as she stirred each of the mugs absently.

“I’m British, of course I can.” She replied quietly, handing him one of the mugs. The five of them were crammed into Sirius’ tiny flat, awaiting their results, and the tension was palpable. James had snapped at Peter earlier for eating crisps too loudly, ‘It sounds like you’re chewing on leaves, Pete! Just keep your sodding mouth closed when you chew!’ and more concerning that that, Remus hadn’t said anything for the past hour. Sirius and Peter had been playing chess, much to James’ dismay (the sound of cracking pieces was unnerving, to say the least), and Lily had made so much tea that her stomach had started to ache.

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Hey sweety are you still writting Perfume?

Argggghhhhhhhh Perfume is the bane of my existence. I haven’t totally given up on it, but I lost interest a little when I started planning/writing a multi chaptered fic (WHICH I STILL MAKE NO PROMISES ABOUT)

i’m rubbish, i know. x

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anonymous said: Lily’s first night in James’ bed?

It had been her idea. Not that James hadn’t eagerly agreed, but it had been her idea to begin with. He’d thought it would be brilliant, having her sleep beside him. Sort of relaxing, comforting even. Bloody hell was he wrong. His arm had gone numb about an hour ago, her hair was in his mouth and it was the middle of the night, yet he was still wide awake. James worried that his breathing would wake her up, so he just sort of lay there, stifled breath almost to the point of oxygen starvation. He was too tall, or she was too short – or possibly somewhere in between. It was awkward. He hated that it was awkward, but it was still preferable to being without her.

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I love your blog, I love you

Do you ever just need a message way more than you thought you did?

I needed this one. Thanks friend

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