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She didn’t mean James Potter.

She meant Severus Snape.

(first quote: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Chapter Two: A Peck of Owls; second quote: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Chapter Thirty-Three: The Prince’s Tale)


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why did i find out about your blog just now? it's full of so many good jily stuff. bless you!

hahaha thank you so much! 

my housemate just came running into my room because he heard the loud bang that was me knocking my chair over by aggressively dancing to shake it off

he was worried i’d hurt myself or something

now he’s worried i really am as stupid as he’d always thought 

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The Blitz (AU)

London, October 1940

It started as it always did. The whirring of the siren, that grew louder and louder with every moment, alerting the entire city of the danger that grew closer to them. The air raids had begun weeks ago, but they frightened everyone no less now than they did then. As unfortunate as it was to admit, even though they frightened him to no end, James had grown accustom to the fear. The siren rang and he was almost relieved, because the sooner they started, the sooner they would be over.

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so my ex sent me a snapchat the other day, and he had this really disgusting beard (I’m all for beards, don’t get me wrong. But it just did not look great at all, but even if it did i wouldn’t have told him). i ended up just replying with, ‘what is that thing on your face?’ and he goes ‘what? i like it’ and i replied, ‘i don’t’


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Anonymous asked:
Your stories are amazing! I especially like the one where james waa holding the umbrella over lily while on his broom! Its all so cute!!

I had actually forgotten that one even existed… I was super confused for a moment haha. Thanks so much! 

Anonymous asked:
Do you have anymore fanfiction? I could read it all day!!

Only what is posted on my ff.net and what’s here unfortunately! (For now)

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Anonymous asked:
Just wanted to say, you're the reason i'm so obsessed with Jily. I love youuu!!!!!! And your writing!

Thank you so much!

(if my subpar writing can still make people love jily then maybe i’m not doing so badly)

  1. Literally everyone in OoTP: Sirius stay inside the goddamn house
  2. Sirius: To quote Hamlet Act III Scene iii line 92, “no”.
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Anonymous asked:
You are flawless tbh. I love your fics and drabbles and stuff, you really are such a good writer! Try not to worry about updating soon and all of that, your actual life is waay more important. Make sure you look after yourself first, before thinking about things like fanfictions. Keep being amazing!

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Anonymous asked:
u havnt posted anything in so long!!!!! used to b my favorite blog but not if you dont post!!

oh no


i got two hours sleep last night because i spent the night doing research for a paper that is worth 40% of my grade. i went to bed when my flatmate got up to go to work this morning, then i got up and did a 9am - 7pm day of classes. so you’ll excuse me for having a life that needs a little more attention that my low quality fics. 

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reminder that authors do read your bookmark comments and tags on their fic because we are obsessive, greedy and insecure and need validation for our work

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  1. Sirius: *holding baby harry*
  2. Sirius: Aren't you a tiny little pup
  3. James: That's a baby, Padfoot
  4. Sirius: I know, that's what I said
  5. James: A human baby
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I started following you because I'm stuck on your jily tag and can't get off. <3

that’s super kind of you, thank you 

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