average wizard eats 3 chocolates a year. factoid actualy just statistical error. average wizard 0 chocolates per year. Remus Lupin, who lives in cave & eats over 10,000 each day, is an outlier adn should not have been counted

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"A gang of chattering girls separated Snape from James and Sirius, and by planting himself in the midst of this group, Harry managed to keep Snape in sight while straining his ears to catch the voices of James and his friends."

Order of the Phoenix, chapter 28

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'so you like Harry Potter?'

no you don’t understand

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Anonymous asked:
I kind of got curious to see the end of it ...

I will finish it someday! I promise you all that right now!

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karunyans said: The day they receive their N.E.W.T. results?

(I live for prompts like this one. I hope you like it xx)

She poured the hot water into the mugs, waiting for the water to pull the tea from the bags. She waited, like they’d been doing all morning. When Sirius appeared beside her suddenly, she couldn’t help but flinch. Merlin, she was more on edge than she realised,

“You can’t solve everything with tea, Evans.” Sirius said, watching as she stirred each of the mugs absently.

“I’m British, of course I can.” She replied quietly, handing him one of the mugs. The five of them were crammed into Sirius’ tiny flat, awaiting their results, and the tension was palpable. James had snapped at Peter earlier for eating crisps too loudly, ‘It sounds like you’re chewing on leaves, Pete! Just keep your sodding mouth closed when you chew!’ and more concerning that that, Remus hadn’t said anything for the past hour. Sirius and Peter had been playing chess, much to James’ dismay (the sound of cracking pieces was unnerving, to say the least), and Lily had made so much tea that her stomach had started to ache.

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Anonymous asked:
Hey sweety are you still writting Perfume?

Argggghhhhhhhh Perfume is the bane of my existence. I haven’t totally given up on it, but I lost interest a little when I started planning/writing a multi chaptered fic (WHICH I STILL MAKE NO PROMISES ABOUT)

i’m rubbish, i know. x

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anonymous said: Lily’s first night in James’ bed?

It had been her idea. Not that James hadn’t eagerly agreed, but it had been her idea to begin with. He’d thought it would be brilliant, having her sleep beside him. Sort of relaxing, comforting even. Bloody hell was he wrong. His arm had gone numb about an hour ago, her hair was in his mouth and it was the middle of the night, yet he was still wide awake. James worried that his breathing would wake her up, so he just sort of lay there, stifled breath almost to the point of oxygen starvation. He was too tall, or she was too short – or possibly somewhere in between. It was awkward. He hated that it was awkward, but it was still preferable to being without her.

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Anonymous asked:
I love your blog, I love you

Do you ever just need a message way more than you thought you did?

I needed this one. Thanks friend

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“I don’t dance.”
Her hand was still stretched out towards him, and his arms were folded tightly across his chest. She narrowed her eyes, and smirked at him. James almost regretted the influence he’d had over that smirk since they started dating,
“I don’t believe you.”
“It’s true.”
“Gryffindor’s golden boy can’t dance?”
“Shut up.”
“I thought all you silver spoon boys knew how to dance,” She teased, leaning in closer so her lips were by his ear. He felt the lump in his throat as she neared him, as her lips brushed his ear, “Are you telling me that dating a Pureblood doesn’t even have the added bonus of being able to dance with him at weddings?”
“That’s what I’m telling you, yes.”
She blinked a few times, and she shrugged,
“I suppose I can just find someone else to dance with,” She said, straightening her back as she pulled her dress down slightly. He scowled up at her at that, “Maybe Sirius will dance with me, or Remus, or maybe Diggory’s free – I’ve heard he’s a wonderful dancer-” She baited, her back to him as she pretended to scan the crowd.

James couldn’t help the grunt of indignation that escaped him as he stood up quickly and grabbed her hand. She grinned in triumph as he dragged her to the large space in the middle of the room, filled with dancing guests. He held her waist, and her arms fell naturally around his neck, following the movements of those around them,
“You lied to me!” She said, outraged as she felt him leading their movements. She looked up at him, watching as his frown turned to an amused smirk,
“I didn’t lie.”
“You said you couldn’t dance!”
“I said I didn’t dance. There’s a pretty distinct difference between can’t and don’t.” He explained, his hand on her waist pulling her closer to him. She let him, one hand moving from around his neck to sit on his chest. She forced herself to glare at him, and in return he grinned lopsidedly down at her, “Did I mention that you look beautiful?”
“A few times.”
“Well you do,” He told her, resting his forehead against hers as they moved slowly in time with the music coming from the band, “You wouldn’t really have danced with Diggory, would you?”
She smirked, patting his chest condescendingly as she said, “You’ll never know now, will you?”
He pulled a face, catching her hand with one of his own as he held it tightly, “I don’t even know why that git was invited.”
“He’s mates with Frank, you know that.” She rolled her eyes, James’ distaste of Amos Diggory had only stemmed from one very ugly dispute during the sixth year.
“He was staring at you before.”
“He was also staring at Alice. You think Frank is getting bent out of shape over that?”
“I hate when you act all mature and reasonable. You make me seem like a jealous git.”
“You are a jealous git.”
“They look so happy.” She murmured, interrupting off his argument. She leant her head against his chest as she looked towards Frank and Alice’s table. He followed her gaze. James watched the way Frank looked at Alice, the way it looked like his whole world would crumble if you took Alice away from him. Alice was a load-bearing wall in his life, and James could do nothing but empathise with that. His lips were moving before his brain had consented to the words,
“You’ll marry me one day, won’t you?”
“Are you asking?” She replied softly, her head still resting against his chest. Her smile was back, and she was almost thankful that he couldn’t see it.
“Kind of.”
“Then I guess I’ll kind of marry you, one day,” She teased, looking up at him, “You know, you’ll have to dance with me at our wedding.”
He groaned and cupped her face in his hands, his nose brushing hers softly, “Do I have to?”
“Or I could get Amos Diggory to-“
“Finish that sentence very carefully, Evans.” He interrupted, clenching his jaw.
“-to stay as far away as possible?”


“I don’t dance.”

Her hand was still stretched out towards him, and his arms were folded tightly across his chest. She narrowed her eyes, and smirked at him. James almost regretted the influence he’d had over that smirk since they started dating,


“I don’t believe you.”

“It’s true.”

“Gryffindor’s golden boy can’t dance?”

“Shut up.”

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Anonymous asked:
Hi, love your blog! :) i was wondering who you had cast as Mary in your most recent gif set because i think she's perf and probably a better mary than lucy hale since she's american

Firstly, thank you so much! my Mary MacDonald is Lily Collins.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore Lucy Hale, I think she is a darling, but she doesn’t quite have that ‘seriously if you piss me off I will end your life’ look about her that I’ve just always imagines Mary would have

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wandering-but-not-lost-forever replied to your post “distinctlydottyaura asked for a sequel to this so long ago  anonymous…”

Yay you conquered your block and wrote something!! So proud haha. ;)

it’s shocking but we accept it and we move on hahaha 

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distinctlydottyaura asked for a sequel to this so long ago 
anonymous asked: could you write a sequel to the drabble in which Lily loses her memory for her safety but then remembers when she sees james and sirius on the sidewalk? pretty please? it was amazing!
anonymous asked: please please please continue that memory loss drabble!

part one

“I wish I could remember the way you kissed me and made me feel like the universe had willed that moment for me, that the universe had created every little detail of that moment just for me and for you. I wish I could remember the look on your face when your best mate told me I was beautiful, the way you gritted your teeth and said nothing, but your arm around my waist pulled me closer. I wish I could remember the way you used to hold me and tell me that you’d give me the world if you could. I wish I could remember every detail of that day that you begged me not to leave, that you hid my bag from me just so that I would stay - I was late to class and you didn’t care, because you got an extra half an hour with me. I wish I could see these moments like a replay; I wish I could watch them again and again and remind myself why I fell for you in the first place. I need to know if it was raining that day you showed up on my doorstep, or if you were wearing that yellow shirt I hated so god damn much. I wish I could live it all again, but I’m still not even sure if you exist.”

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Anonymous asked:
How soon is soon

soon is when i can write something that isn’t rubbish because at this point everything i write is shocking annnnd i’m so sorry that my hiatus lasted two months and i still haven’t written anything

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Anonymous asked:
I haven't gotten a decent amount of sleep in a week, thanks to Jily... And unfortunately it's so worth it

I’m more invested in James and Lily’s lives than I am with my own

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